The business emanated from belonging to associations; a yearning was created for better value and impact within and for an association. AMC Association Management Company is a purpose-driven business with the vision and passion for managing and assisting associations in creating impact and prospering within their respective industry sectors.

Our client’s journeys have been our journeys and led us to different learning directions. It has enabled us to better partner with you to solve issues and optimise your operations through systems, resources, staff and technology.

We take joint ownership with you over your constitution and work together to implement and achieve what you require during your serving term.

We have passion for what we do and achieve as it always has purpose and impact, we are sure you will share this passion too.

You might be at various stages of your association and require diverse services and combinations thereof, the AMC model allows each client to define and meet their specific goals. The models offered to work with your association could be full-service, niche system development, or specialised outsourced services.

Our business process starts with an exploratory session with the organisation, and from there, needs analysis is scoped to offer the best solution.

Everything we do is for PURPOSE, IMPACT and PROFIT.

Chat with us, and let us see how we can make life easier and more impactful for you.